The Creative Arts Centre nurtures and develops the talents and Aboriginal integrity of our students. Art is an important means of expression of Aboriginal identity and is a link to their community and to their ancestry. The art produced by the students reflects their cultural and geographic diversity. Students are inspired by the landscape, stories and experiences of their own ‘country’ or the urban environments they know.

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A place to be inspired
Worawa Creative Arts Centre also aims to nurture interest in all forms of creative arts in which students show talent – including drama, music, song and dance.

Holland exhibition

Worawa Art Gallery
The gallery is linked with the Worawa Creative Arts Centre so students can learn good arts practice and gain practical experience in preparing and exhibiting their work through the gallery. The gallery links the school and the communities that our students come from. Scheduled art exhibitions provide the opportunity for the broader community to experience Aboriginal art and to learn about the work of Worawa.  Click here to view current art on sale in the Gallery.

“A place to create”