A place to be strong and healthy
The College has entered into an MOU with Valley Primary Health Centre for an on-site Clinic conducted by female doctors who attend on a weekly basis. All students undergo a health assessment.

As a number of students have been identified with impaired hearing the College has installed sound technology systems in the classrooms.

The College has entered into a partnership with Monash University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences for student placements undertaking courses through the School for Indigenous Health. Through the Victorian Close the Gap Health Strategy, the College has secured part funding towards additional school nurse hours.

Specialist counsellors also work with individual students who need extra support, with emphasis placed on programs and innovation to address trauma and healing and support student retention.

Upon entry each student is given a health assessment which includes sight and hearing tests. The College is working with Berry Street Take 2 to introduce a culturally appropriate Wellbeing Assessment, which will inform of specialist support requirements.