Arts and Worawa: A Winning Combination

Worawa Aboriginal College was awarded a prestigious Deadly Dressed Award for their wearable art and modelling performance at ‘The Deadlys’ at the Sydney Opera House on September 25th.

As the world watched, our students presented their stunning garments and showcased their unique and beautiful artwork. The colours, designs and depth of story in the garments stunned judges and fellow competitors. Other designers and managers were amazed at the poise of our beautiful young models.

Jessica Mauboy, Debra Mailman, Casey Donovan and Troy Cassar-Daley were among the many famous faces at the Deadly’s this year. Our students walked the red carpet alongside these well-known Deadly winners.

Nine months ago, Lois Peeler, the Executive Director of Worawa came up with the idea to create garments out of the girl’s art and then, to train them to model these creations. Ms Peeler was an original ‘Sapphire’ and the first Aboriginal model and ‘Stylin’ Up With Worawa,’ is her event to showcase these talents and skills.

This challenging task brought together art teachers, modeling coaches, fashion and textile designers, hair stylists, make-up artists, educators and many others who worked tirelessly to ensure the event would be a huge success.

On August 24th the students modelled the garments like professionals, showcasing the excellent art and exquisite jewellery and enjoying their moment. The audience response was beyond expectation with many serious requests to purchase the fabric and garments.

Deadly’s officials saw a clip of this event and invited Worawa to enter the awards. The rest is history.

It is now official: Worawa students are…Deadly!

Click the link to see the students in action here: