Sandra Bardas Art Gallery

Updated 1 April 2020. 

We wish to advise that the Sandra Bardas Art Gallery, situated on the grounds of Worawa Aboriginal College, 60-80 Barak Lane, Healesville, has ceased operation. The closure is effective immediately. Work is being undertaken to repurpose the space to create an Aboriginal Resource Centre to focus on Aboriginal History and Culture.

We thank you for your support.

Sandra Bardas Art Gallery

The Sandra Bardas Art Gallery showcases authentic and affordable Aboriginal art produced by students of Worawa College and the communities they come from.

Situated on College grounds, the gallery is named in honour of Sandra Bardas OAM who worked with the Founder, Hyllus Maris to establish Victoria’s first and only Aboriginal school. A feature of life at Worawa that brings together Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal learning is the exquisite art work on display. Reflecting stories of community, family and land, the designs of wonderfully expressive paintings are now incorporated into fabric patterns and are displayed alongside original costume jewellery. As well as student work, the gallery displays art from the students’ home communities and demonstrates the holistic and creative nature of learning for all to see.

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Gallery Hours & Location
By appointment only.
Address: 60 – 80 Barak Lane, Healesville VIC 3777
Direct Phone: 0498 967 292 (0498-WORAWA)