Below is a collection of art proudly produced by the students at Worawa in 2017. These works of art will be on display at the Sandra Bardas Gallery at Worawa from Wednesday 13 December 2017. The quality of art is exceptional and we encourage family and friends of Worawa to join in the celebrations that will mark Presentation Day 2017 this Wednesday 13 December. Please don’t forget to RSVP here.

The following paragraph is but a taste of what is to come on Presentation Day but in essence, it captures the essence of what it means to be a student at Worawa. We come from all across Australia to attend Worawa. We travel far from our homes, families and friends, from tiny remote communities, rural areas, towns and big cities. Our Elders, our grandparents and our parents, tell us stories from the time we are born. We speak many different languages, and for many of us, English is not our first language.  We share our stories through art, dance and song.  The way in which we express our stories is totally unique according to our Country, ancestry, history and experience. We are very proud that at our school we are able to hold onto and celebrate our culture. We enjoy learning new things and developing the confidence and pride to Walk in Two Worlds. We hope you enjoy our art exhibition that reflects our heritage in contemporary Australia.