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Student Offer of Placement selection process:

  1. Worawa personnel undertake visits to communities to provide information sessions and presentation to prospective students, parents guardians, Elders, community members, community organisations.
  2. Aboriginal parents/ families, organisations contact Worawa to lodge an Expression of Interest in student enrolment.
  3. Interested parents/guardians to complete Enrolment Application form.
  4. Interested students to complete prospective student Enrolment Application form.
  5. Potential students will complete a questionnaire.
  6. Selection Committee will assess Enrolment Applications, review prospective student’s school attendance and academic performance, verify consent from parents/guardians, and a recommendation will be made to the Principal re Offer of Placement at Worawa and subsequently an offer will be made to selected prospective students.
  7. Prospective student will read and sign Worawa Student Code of Conduct form.
  8. On acceptance by the Principal the student will be officially enrolled, and parent/guardian will be advised of the submission of Abstudy B forms.
  9. Parents/Guardians of prospective students will be asked to arrange for their child to undergo a health check at the Community Health Centre.
  10. Parent/Guardian permission will be sought for a copy of the prospective student’s file to the Healesville Health Clinic.
  11.  Confirmation of ABSTUDY eligibility will determine a prospective student’s eligibility.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Overpayments made to Worawa Aboriginal College due to “Change in Family Circumstances” via Centrelink will become a debt to the Guardian.