A special place
Worawa is located on culturally significant land of great natural beauty. The Worawa Dreaming Trail is a focal point for the celebration of Aboriginal culture and tradition. Students learn about Aboriginal technology and science as well as the history of the Aboriginal tribes and clans connected to this important site. Access to the river and natural bushland provides for the teaching of cultural knowledge from Elders.

A place to realise potential
Worawa assists Aboriginal students to establish themselves in Australian society with a strong sense of Aboriginal identity and self-esteem. With hundreds of Aboriginal students attending from across Australia, many have overcome significant barriers to achieve their chosen goals. We, at Worawa, take immense pride in assisting our students to reach their full potential.

A place to be proud
Emphasis is placed on threading culture through the curriculum and involving Aboriginal artists and other role models through a series of activities. The young women who pass through Worawa become strong and independent people, confident in their culture and Aboriginal identity and ready to take their place in the world.