The Arts

At Worawa, the Arts take a central position. The value of learning, experiencing and creating through the various Arts disciplines (Visual Arts, Narrative, Dance, Music, Media Arts) is fostered and supported by our employment strategies and curriculum planning.

However, beyond the usual educational position in a curriculum, the Arts are utilized in our Well-Being, English, Language and Cultural Programs. Culture is at the core of all that we present to our students. We view the Australian Arts curriculum through an Aboriginal cultural lens, as per the curriculum writer’s own directive for the education of indigenous students.

The program incorporates partnerships and pathways with

  • Ilbijerri Indigenous Theatre
  • Wilin Centre for Indigenous Art & Culture
  • RMIT University
  • Malthouse Theatre
  • Short Black Opera
  • Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts
  • Australian Chamber Orchestra
  • National Aboriginal and Islander Skills and Development Association