Aboriginal families and communities select Worawa for the education of their young women, because they know the College provides a holistic program within a respectful learning environment, founded in quality relationships.

“Aboriginal children must be educated in the way of our people. They must learn their history, about their great ancestors, the language and the law…” Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls at the opening of Worawa, 1983.

A place to learn
Worawa Aboriginal College is Victoria’s only independent Aboriginal community school. The College is located 60 kilometres from Melbourne on 55 hectares in the Yarra Valley that once formed part of the Coranderrk Aboriginal Station. Worawa was established to provide an education for Aboriginal students with a focus on Aboriginal teachings and cultural values, academic achievement and the development of practical skills important to everyday life and employment.

A place to grow
Today, Worawa is a boarding school for young Aboriginal women in the middle years of schooling (years 7 – 12). The Worawa Education Program is based on the concept of “two way” learning. The Teaching and Learning Program addresses the key learning areas of mainstream curriculum (Australian Curriculum) and takes into account Aboriginal culture, values, spiritual beliefs and learning styles.