A place for serious study
The Worawa holistic model of learning incorporates all activities and relationships that are experienced at Worawa – teaching, pastoral care and co-curricular. The core purpose of the Worawa model is the growth and development of students particularly in the context of Aboriginal Culture.

Students are grouped according to their developmental stage – across all dimensions of their development – social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and cognitive (academic.) Learning activities are stage appropriate with differentiation of the curriculum to cater for the individual learning needs of the student.

The Worawa curriculum has been designed to educate the whole person across all domains of their development—social, emotional, physical, spiritual, cultural and cognitive/academic.

Worawa curriculum is developed and implemented within cultural themes and five LEARNING CENTRES:

  • literacy
  • creative arts
  • numeracy / maths
  • science and environment
  • health/ sport/ physical education

The College theme CARING FOR COUNTRY and the associated Term Themes provide links between Learning Centre activities. Each term, within each Learning Centre, students are provided with a challenging and stimulating unit of work which is designed to deliver essential standards as outlined in the Victorian Essential Learnings Standards (Australian Curriculum).

Personalised Learner Profiles (PLP) are developed and travel with the student as they progress along the Worawa learning continuum. PLPs provide a focus on learning to learn, the purpose of learning and record student success in learning.