Under the banner of Caring for Country, in partnership with the Healesville Sanctuary, the College operates a Cadet Ranger Program, a vocational, educational, recreational and personal development program. The Worawa Cadet Ranger Program is founded upon a ‘ hands-on, learning by doing’ philosophy and expands the existing Aboriginal social and cultural heritage program established at Worawa Aboriginal College. The Worawa Cadet Ranger Program maintains and expands upon the existing program at Worawa College and extends that program into mainstream curriculum areas such as:

  • Cultural studies.
  • Communication (literacy and numeracy)
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental science
  • ICT
  • Outdoor recreation.

The Worawa Cadet Ranger Program presents a wide range of activities developed in consultation with Aboriginal cultural education staff, practicing professionals in specific activity areas, and community Elders with a focus upon:

  • Positive environmental work practices.
  • Responsible occupational health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Recognition, observation, recording and management of flora and fauna with an emphasis upon both Aboriginal traditional and modern scientific practice.
  • The acquisition and application of ‘knowledge about country’ combining both traditional Aboriginal perspectives and modern scientific practice including focus areas of:
    • Knowledge of plants and animals.
    • Knowledge of landscape features and formation processes.
    • Knowledge and management of plants and animals.
    • Knowledge of traditional protocols and customs.

Minimal impact outdoor recreation and bush activities.

The processes related to the identification and management of places of cultural significance with reference to traditional protocols and customs.