Worawa places emphasis on transitions into the College and transitions to the next phase of a student’s learning journey. The College aims to provide students with the foundations of strong self-esteem, positive attitudes, skills and knowledge to proceed successfully to post-compulsory schooling or the world of work. The College focus is to build the self-esteem and academic foundations of its students so that they have the personal confidence, motivation and discipline, the organisational skills, the academic skills and the practical skills to be successful in pursuing further academic or vocational education or the world of work.

Pathways to Employment

cadet ranger program

Conservation and Sustainability (Cadet Ranger Program)
Conservation efforts for the endangered Helmeted Honeyeater, a collection of koala feed to support the conservation of koalas, Aboriginal technology, beekeeping, seed collection and propagation, animal care with Healesville Sanctuary Animal Keepers, and hydroponics and aquaponics.

Sports Academy
Build skills in key sports; skill and fitness development; talent identification, internal and external coaching clinics; umpiring competition, football, basketball, netball, softball, cricket.

Arts Academy
Visual and Performing Arts – presenting Aboriginal narrative through traditional and contemporary music, song and dance and celebrating Aboriginal ways of Being and Doing through media and digital technology.

Food Technology & Hospitality
Food handling, food preparation, barista; training in setting tables, clearing tables, hygiene, etiquette, food preparation and food safety; OH&S.