Yapaneyepuk Youth Forum Report

In recognition of the importance of valuing and optimising the understandings, skills and knowledge of our youth/students the Yapaneyepuk Committee undertook to conduct a Youth Forum in conjunction with Yapaneyepuk, The International First Nations Education Symposium ‘Walking Together To Make A Difference’. The Yapaneyepuk Youth Forum was designed to provide senior school students with the opportunity to make connections with ideas, challenges and with each other as they explored the theme of recognition through the Aboriginal values of respect, relationship, responsibility and rigour.

The Forum was planned in the recognition that young people have a powerful voice and the right to contribute their ideas to help shape national and international understandings about policy and practice, which relates to First Nation Peoples. The forum was designed to support and encourage students in their learning journey, and for them to think about education for both the present and future.

Download the full report.