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We welcome you to Worawa!

Worawa Aboriginal College is the only boarding school in Australia that caters specifically for Aboriginal girls in secondary years of schooling. Students come from urban, regional and remote Aboriginal communities across the country. The Worawa residential model has a distinctive profile based on an integrated Education, Culture, and Wellbeing model. Making Worawa a great place work, complete placement, a gap year or to volunteer.

Working at Worawa College

Volunteer and Staff Opportunities


Worawa welcomes volunteer support and staff.

The Worawa Model of Learning has been designed to make a ‘difference’ to our students.

Girls entering the College bring with them a range of knowledge, skills and understanding from within their home community and the broader community. The Worawa approach is to celebrate our students’ achievements and to plan a challenging Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) which will support them to grow as a learner and a citizen who will contribute to their Community and the Nation. Instrumental to our support of our individual students is the assistance the College receives from our dedicated staff and volunteers.

Worawa volunteers commit to provide regular support to individual students and/or assist students within the classroom setting. Volunteers are supported by our Volunteer Coordinator who organises timetables and resources.

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