From an Aboriginal perspective, The Arts incorporate our rich heritages expressed through narrative, song, dance and visual artistic expression from both traditional and contemporary perspectives. Using the ancient traditions of narrative and the arts, students are encouraged to relate the methods of The Ancestors in the transmission of culture through the oral tradition: yarning, song and dance, thus empowering them through honouring their stories whilst engaging with the arts.

The Arts at Worawa must reflect the diversity and uniqueness of Aboriginal Australia. This will include traditional and contemporary arts practices, personal and community narratives, new perspectives and expressions of identity and spirituality as well as the stories and experiences of contemporary Aboriginal Australia.

The Worawa art studio nurtures a unique combination of educational capacity, artistic talent and Aboriginal integrity to provide an environment where the educational capacities, artistic talents and Aboriginal integrity of students with creative aspirations may be nurtured and developed. Students prepare for exhibitions in our on- site gallery and galleries elsewhere in Melbourne and overseas. Through this process students are provided with the experience of presentation of art works and developing knowledge in art business and skills in matters such as copyright, intellectual property, licensing agreements, pricing, percentages, preparing for exhibitions, preparing a canvas, the role of galleries and good arts practice.

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

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