Worawa Aboriginal College is an Aboriginal space located on culturally and historically significant land of great natural beauty. The Cultural program is led by the Council of Elders and is designed to provide students with understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal values, history and their place in Australian society as First Nation peoples.

Culture is at the core of all that we present to our students. Our College values of Relationship, Responsibility, Respect and Rigour underpin College operations. Each day commences with recognition of Creator Spirits and Traditional Owners of Country and the poem, Spiritual Song of the Aborigine, written by College Founder Hyllus Maris which states, “I am a Child of the Dreamtime People”. At the end of each term, we honour the land and continuity of cultural practice through a day of student-led cultural activities giving recognition and support of cultural identity of each and every student which confirms and connects students to each other. Students share food, song, dance and display the markings of their language group/ clan through face paint. The uniqueness of each girl is fostered as she explores her own identity through cultural practices.

The school curriculum is shaped to recognise the validity and integrity of the traditional knowledge system, Aboriginal cultural protocols and the cultural authority of Elders. The Aboriginal flag is a permanent symbol of pride and each day commences with acknowledgment of the Traditional Owners of the land. Aboriginal history and achievement and contemporary developments in Indigenous Australia are an ongoing aspect of the College program. Worawa celebrates the diversity of language, dance, customs and beliefs of Aboriginal Australia. Students live and study in an atmosphere that fosters positive identity, cultural pride and individual potential. Worawa has been active in sharing cultural events with partner schools and the broader community.

I enjoy learning about my culture
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Worawa Aboriginal College is located on the culturally significant land of great natural beauty. Aboriginal culture is embedded in the College’s operations. Observance of cultural protocols and Aboriginal values is a requirement for students, staff and visitors. The Worawa Cultural Standards provide a means of assessing a student’s observance of cultural protocols.

The culture curriculum allows the students to come into contact on a daily basis with inspirational leaders from the Aboriginal community which in turn helps foster the students’ pride in the community and community involvement. Units of work are developed that align with or reinforce key cultural understandings such as Connection to Community, Exploration of Place, Celebrating Past and Future. The culture curriculum is designed to provide students with understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal values, history and how they as Aboriginal people are valued members of Australian society whilst recognising the uniqueness of their position in that society.

Each term the College holds a Cultural Celebration where students are involved in all aspects of the event including planning, meal preparation, cultural activity, performance and hosting guests. The end of year Presentation Day combines the acknowledgement of students’ academic success and cultural learning, highlighted by student cultural performances. Involvement in Indigenous cultural activities, events and arts festivals along with partnerships with Bunjilaka at Museum Victoria and the Koorie Heritage Trust, augment cultural learning.