Student Sponsorships

Worawa Aboriginal College educates Aboriginal young women across years 7-10 of their secondary education. It offers an educational model that is holistic, integrating academic achievement with cultural and general wellbeing. Being a boarding school, Worawa provides students with care and support seven days a week.

The Worawa Student Sponsorship Program helps provide support that enables and motivates students. Your sponsorship will make a significant difference in encouraging a student to complete her year of education with enthusiasm and confidence. Please indicate how you wish to support a student: in material needs, in an area of special interest, or with her education generally.

Donations are tax deductible. College receipts are issued for all donations.

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For more information on student sponsorship please telephone the Business Manager on (03) 59 62 4344. Fax to (03) 59 62 2419 or email to

Donations are tax deductible. College receipts are issued for all donations.

To achieve its aims and objectives Worawa Aboriginal College enlists the support of a wide range of specialist individuals, industry bodies, social organisations and educational and other institutions. From this wide and varied support base Worawa seeks to develop and provide innovative educational services to Aboriginal students effecting positive change and development in all facets of their personal and community life. We gratefully acknowledge the support of all who contribute to the operation of Worawa through either financial or voluntary support. We wish to acknowledge our funding partners, pro-bono and philanthropic supporters.

Australian Football League

Worawa has teamed with the Australian Football League (AFL) to create the Worawa AFL Sports Academy. The primary purpose of the Academy is to utilise sport for enhanced educational outcomes for Aboriginal adolescents. The Worawa AFL Sports Academy is based on the philosophy of a holistic education utilising an integrated Education, Culture and Wellbeing format. Whilst Australian Rules football (AFL) forms the foundation ‘sport’ underpinning the development of the sports academy, the Academy program includes sports other than Australian Rules football ranging from team sports to individual fitness development and outdoor recreational pursuits. All activities however have a focus upon physical and mental wellbeing and consistent academic performance.

Australian Government - Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Worawa Aboriginal College is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Other contributors include:

Arnold Bloch Leibler