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Young talent in Worawa Sports Academy

The Worawa Sports Academy caters specifically for young Aboriginal women, is based on an integrated Education, Culture and Wellbeing model and operates in an Aboriginal environment.

Debutante Dreaming 2016

Debutante Dreaming is a fusion of traditional Aboriginal ceremonial practice and Western tradition to honour our young women’s transition to adulthood.

Worawa Term 2 Newsletter 2016

Term 2 Newsletter 2016 now available for download. Reconciliation Sports Carnival, Pathway to Womanhood, Debutante Dreaming, Sandra Bardas Gallery and more.

Reconciliation Sports Carnival

The Worawa Reconciliation Sports Carnival will be held on Tuesday 24th May from 9.15am – 2.00pm. A fun day that encourages sport, cultural and social exchange between all participants.

Worawa Term 1 Newsletter 2016

Term 1 newsletter now available for download.

Worawa Term 4 Newsletter 2015

Term 4 newsletter now available for download.

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‘Walking Together to
Make a Difference’

— View photos of the Symposium at the Yapaneyepuk website.